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22K Recycled Gold Seed Pod Charm with Ethically Sourced Green Tourmaline
22K Recycled Gold Hammered Bead Chain
22K Recycled Gold Small Seed Pod Charm with Ethically Sourced Peridot
22K Recycled Gold Cathy's Garden Lemon Seed Chain

More Necklaces & charms

22K Recycled Blackened Gold Arabesque Frame Pendant with Ethically Sourced Nevada Turquoise, Rubies, Orange Sapphires and Diamonds, 22k Recycled Gold Orcas Chain, colored stone
Recycled Platinum Lace Edged Necklace with Ethically Sourced Mermaid Tanzanite, Rose Cut and White Diamonds, colored stone, colored
22K Blackened Gold Falling Leaves Clover Charm Set with Peridot and Ethically Sourced Diamonds on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, flower, pendant, cut-out, nature, yellow, colored stone, cut out, stained glass, luck, lucky
Recycled Platinum Berry Choker with Ethically Sourced Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds on Velvet Ribbon, leaf, leaves, colored stone, nature, organic, colored, fruit
22K Recycled Gold Large Flower Cross with Ethically Sourced Turquoise and Diamonds on 22K Gold Lacy Chain, daisy, nature, organic, pendant, hammered, yellow, colored stone, religious
Recycled Platinum Geo Pagoda Tassel Lariat with Ethically Sourced Akoya Pearl, Chalcedony, Emerald Beads and Diamonds, colored stone, necklace, colored
Recycled Platinum Pearl Bead Cross Chain with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, necklace, religious, choker
22K Recycled Gold Hand Painted Tree Pendant with Ethically Sourced B&W Rose Cut Diamonds, 22k Recycled Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, colored stone, tree of life