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22K Recycled Gold Diamond Charm with Ethically Sourced Rustic and Diamonds on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain

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22K Recycled Gold Hermes Charm on 22K Gold Small Link Lantern Chain, yellow, pendant
22K Recycled Gold Leaf Necklace with Ethically Sourced Champagne and Diamonds, leaves, yellow, nature, organic, flex
22K Recycled Gold Oval 4 Petal Lace Pendant on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, flower, yellow, charm, organic, nature
22K Recycled Gold Reverso Geo Chain, yellow, necklace, cut out
22K Recycled Gold Small LOVE Charm on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, yellow, pendant, necklace
22K Recycled Gold Winged Woman with Olive Branch Pendant on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, yellow, charm, angel
22K Recycled Gold Grow Baby Grow Disc Pendant with Ethically Sourced Diamonds on 22K Gold Hammered Bead Chain, yellow, inspired by nature, charm, vine, leaf, leaves
22K Recycled Gold Medieval Flag Necklace with Ethically Sourced Rose Cut Diamonds, flex, rosecut