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22K Recycled Gold Small LOVE Charm on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain

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Recycled 22K Gold Orcas Chain, yellow, necklace
22K Recycled Gold California Black Bear Pendant with Ethically Sourced Diamonds on 22K Gold and Platinum Tiny Diamond Fringe Chain, charm, animal, nature, mixed metal, branch, thorn
Recycled 22K Gold Quilted Pyramid Pendant on 22K Gold Lacy Chain, charm, yellow, ancient, egyptian
22K Recycled Gold Oval 4 Petal Lace Pendant on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, flower, yellow, charm, organic, nature
22K Recycled Gold Wildflower Locket with Ethically Sourced Diamond on A 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, charm, pendant, yellow, heirloom
22K Recycled Gold Sword Necklace with Ethically Sourced Diamond, yellow, medieval, dagger, knife
22K Recycled Gold Winged Woman with Olive Branch Pendant on 22K Gold Tiny Lacy Chain, yellow, charm, angel
22K Recycled Gold Sword Charm with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, yellow, medieval, pendant, dagger, knife