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Recycled Platinum Double Arrow Ring with Diamond Band

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Recycled Platinum Triple Hexagonal and Diamond Shapes Ring with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, nesting
Recycled Platinum Hexagonal/Diamond Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, hex, hexagonal, thin, nesting, narrow, delicate
Recycled Platinum Open Leafside Ring with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, leaf side, leaf, leaves, nesting
22K Recycled Gold Hammered Band, yellow
Recycled Platinum Tapered Baguette Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, thin, narrow
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Tapered Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds‍, thin, narrow, delicate
22K Gold and Platinum Branch and Scallop Band Set with Ethically Sourced Diamonds , mixed metal , yellow , vine, narrow, thin, nesting
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Twisted Branch Ring with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, yellow, vine