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22K Recycled Gold 3 Leaf Arrow Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds

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Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Lace Edged Ring with Ethically Sourced Rustic, Grey and White Diamonds, yellow, cocktail, wedding, bridal, thorns
22K Gold Oval Branch with Thorn Ring Set with Ethically Sourced Rose Cut Diamond, 22K Gold Branch Heart Ring Set with Ethically Sourced Diamond, 22K Gold Acorn Band, 22K Gold Princess Branch Band Set with Ethically Sourced Diamond, 22K Gold Baguette Branch Band Set with Ethically Sourced Diamond, 22K Gold Branch with Knotholes Band, solitaire, yellow, LOML, love of my life, nesting, wedding, engagement
Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Castle Wall Flower Overlay Band with Ethically Sourced Marquise Diamonds, yellow, cigar, middle finger, leaves, leaf, inspired by nature
22K Recycled Gold Laurel Leaf Band, yellow, mens, man, unisex, vine, leaves, nature
22K Recycled Gold Applique Wildflower Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, yellow, flower, mens, man, unisex, men's, cigar
22K Recycled Gold Blackened Marquis Leaf Hammered Band with Ethically Sourced Grey Moghul and White Marquise Diamonds, leaves, yellow, solitaire
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Jeweled Forest Ring with Ethically Sourced Rose Cut and White Diamonds, yellow, leaf, leaves, branch
22K Recycled Gold Swirl Thorn Leaf Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, yellow, leaves, nature