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Recycled Platinum Diamond Baguette Earrings with Chalcedony and Ethically Sourced Diamonds

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22K Recycled Gold Cut Out Leaf Earrings with Ethically Sourced Rustic and White Diamonds, rough, yellow, scalloped
22K Recycled Gold Double Arabesque on Oak Leaf Earrings with Ethically Sourced Pink Tourmaline, Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds, leaves, colored stone, yellow, colored
Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Wing Earrings with Ethically Sourced Blue Sapphires and Diamonds, colored stone, leaf, leaves, wings
22K Recycled Gold Dew Drop Earrings with Ethically Sourced Blue Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Rose Quartz and Diamonds, colored stone, yellow, blackened
Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Violet Earrings with Ethically Sourced Boulder Opals and Diamonds, colored stone, flower, petal, nature
22K Recycled Gold Scalloped Frame Earrings with Antique French Enamel and Ethically Sourced Rose Cut and White Diamonds, yellow, colored stone, colored, rosecut, one of a kind
22K Recycled Gold Star Posts with Ethically Sourced Rubies and Moonstones, colored stone, yellow, petal, flower, stud, colored, studs, post
22K Recycled Gold Garland Earrings with Ethically Sourced Turquoise, Emeralds and Diamonds, yellow, colored stone, vine, leaf, leaves, organic, nature, colored