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22K Recycled Gold Hexagonal Bezel Bracelet with Rubies

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22K Recycled Gold and Platinum Flower Corsage Cuff with Ethically Sourced Blue Sapphire, Emeralds and Diamonds, cutout, mixed metal, petal, hammered, nature, organic, colored stone, colored
Recycled Platinum Curvy Wheat 4-Petal Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Ruby and Diamonds, colored stone, vine, leaf, leaves, nature inspired
22K Recycled Gold and Platinum Blackened Fossilized Coral Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, cuff, fossil, organic, mixed metals, nature, one-of-a-kind, flower, hammered, colored stone, one of a kind, colored, flower
22K Recycled Gold Arrow / Hex Bezel Turquoise Bracelet, medieval, arrow, colored stone, yellow
22K Recycled Gold and Blackened Platinum Lace Edge Clasp Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Green Tourmaline and Diamonds, mixed metal, flex, link, colored stone, colored, hammered
Recycled 22K Gold Sleeping Beauty Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Turquoise, colored stone, milgrain
Recycled 22K Gold Flower Cap Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Chrysophrase and Diamonds, turquoise, colored stone, petal, chain, link, flex
Recycled 22K Gold Charm on Loop Bracelet with Ethically Sourced Emerald and Diamond, blue sapphire, colored stone, tear, link, chain