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Recycled Platinum Rose Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring with Ethically Sourced Diamonds

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Recycled Platinum Narnia Ring with Ethically Sourced Rose Cut and White Diamonds, solitaire, leaf, leaves, leafside, wedding, engagement, leaf side
Recycled Platinum Pave Frame Ring with Ethically Sourced Emerald Cut Diamond and White Diamonds, solitaire, thorn, wedding, engagement
Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Ancient Roman Secret Ring with Ethically Sourced Rustic and White Diamonds, solitaire, wedding, engagement, bridal, scalloped, hidden message
Recycled Platinum Diamond and Hex Ring with Ethically Sourced Blue Sapphires and Diamond Recycled Platinum Hexagonal/Diamond Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, solitaire, colored stone, wedding, engagement, nesting
Recycled Platinum Half Ribbon Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, Recycled Platinum Antique Prong Ring with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, Recycled Platinum Elongated Geo Band with Ethically Sourced Diamonds, LOML, crown, leaf, leaves, petal, solitaire, wedding, engagement, love of my life, nesting, medieval
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Garland Ring with Ethically Sourced Black and Rustic Diamonds, yellow, leaves, leaf, leafside, solitaire, wedding, engagement
Recycled Platinum Small Winged Victory Ring with Ethically Sourced Mogul and White Diamonds, feather, solitaire, wedding, engagement
Blackened Recycled Platinum Three Leaf Side Ring with Ethically Sourced Grey and White Diamonds, Blackened Recycled Platinum Diamond Laurel Band, solitaire, leaf, leafside, leaves, vine, nature, wedding, engagement