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Blackened Recycled Platinum Column of Tears Ring with Ethically Sourced Natural Blue Sapphire and Diamonds

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Recycled Platinum Wheat Side Ring with Ethically Sourced Kunzite and Diamonds, colored stone, cut out, thorn, leaves, leaf
Recycled Platinum Berry Leaf Ring with Ethically Sourced Pink Sapphires and Diamonds, LOML, colored stone, leaves, berries, vine, love of my life, colored
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Diamond Band with Ethically Sourced Rubies and Diamonds, yellow, colored stone, nesting, colored
22K Recycled Gold Ruby Beaded Flower Petal Ring with Ethically Sourced Ruby and Diamonds, colored stone, yellow, petal, nature, organic, colored
Recycled Platinum Large Flowerside Ring with Ethically Sourced Citrine and Diamonds, colored stone, flower, petal, colored, flower side
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Bee Ring with Ethically Sourced Yellow Tourmaline and Diamonds, colored stone, yellow, flower, daisy, insect
Recycled 22K Blackened Gold Marquise Leaf Band with Ethically Sourced Blue Sapphire and Diamonds, colored stone, hammered, leaves, yellow
22K Recycled Blackened Gold Lace Edged Ring with Ethically Sourced Indicolite Tourmaline and Rose Cut Rustic Diamonds, colored stone, yellow, branch, colored